About Us

Chloe Yordy is the owner of Phayroe and the one who started it all. I work at a local dog grooming, boarding, and breeding business, so working with dogs is what I do! I really enjoy my job and was encouraged by my dad to use my hobbies to raise money for college. Although that was the reason I started this business, I have quickly found that I truly enjoy raising pups and love being able to raise them in the best environment possible. With online college, anytime that I am not doing school or working, I am with my pups; cuddling and playing with them.

Although this is what I do, I could not do it all without the help of my family. Between the five of us, I am pretty certain that someone is always loving on the puppies! This is something that we enjoy doing together as a family and hope that our efforts will provide you with the perfect companion!

Why CAY Doodles?

CAY doodles has a double meaning for our family. First, CAY are the initials of Chloe’s name. Second, our family was missionaries in Haiti for 5 years. Therefore, the Haitians became our second family and Creole became our second language! In Creole, Cay (pronounced /kī/) is the word for home or house. Stating “Home of the Doodles.”

  • Country raised
  • Family hobby