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"Everyone thinks Axl is a very cute dog. They also like his little patches of white fur. We think it makes him unique! Axl is definitely a pleaser!"
Brian Bonner
“If anyone is thinking about welcoming a new dog to their family, I HIGHLY recommend going through Chloe Yordy and researching the Irish Goldendoodle breed. I know some are against this type of thing and only prefer to rescue and I totally get that and admire that point of view. 🖤 I'm not going to lie, purchasing Bingo was an impulse buy. I had skin cancer scares and a lot going on personally...also I was finally ready for a new dog as we lost our bullmastiff 2 years ago. I also had mom guilt about Peyton being an only child. I would recommend researching breeds/dog training always first. I simply went to meet the puppies, fell in love with Bingo and brought him home... literally within a couple hours. What I've learned about the breed is that they are family friendly, hypoallergenic, and highly trainable. Bingo already sits on command. The breed is a mix of Irish Setter, Golden Retriever, and Poodle. Hardly any shedding! Chloe checks in from time to time too. She really cares about her pups. We have only had Bingo for a short time, but he is already our best friend. The best part and my favorite thing about Bingo is...he hugs you like a human would and oh boy does he love our 5 year old son, Peyton.”
Kindra Vonbehren
Scout just finished a 5 day board and train with a local professional trainer for some behaviors we were seeing that we didn't like (jumping, pulling leash, etc...) The trainer messaged me and asked if they could keep him! They LOVED him. They see lots of dogs, doodles included, but she said there's something "special" about Scout. Super intelligent, amazing temperament, and she never wanted a doodle until Scout. I just love him to pieces and the training has totally changed those bad behaviors. When I didn't think he could get anymore amazing, picking him up today from training told me otherwise. He's seriously the best!
Tara Lorson

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Irish Goldendoodle?

An Irish Goldendoodle is a mix of Irish Setter, Golden Retriever, and Poodle. This breed takes the gorgeous coat of the Irish Setter, and mixes it with the hypoallergenic coat of a poodle, to get the color you want with a perk of no shedding! Their colors often vary from the reddish color of the Irish setter to a golden blonde.

Why do Irish Goldendoodles make such great pets?

Irish Goldendoodles are amazing with people of all ages. This breed combines the athletic abilities and drive of the Setter, the obedient and friendly personalities of the Retrievers, and the loyal and smart personalities of the poodle, to create a perfect companion! They will love anyone who will give them the attention and training they love.

Why choose CAY Doodles?

At CAY Doodles, our puppies are a part of our family. We go every extra mile to make sure they grow up in the best environment. From walks through the park to visiting children to nursing home visits, our pups learn what life is about and how to act around every group of people. When you come to CAY Doodles, we will help match the perfect pup to your family and your situation! It is our goal for our pups to find the perfect home and family.

Our pups also go home crate trained and on their way to being potty trained! We hope that these training efforts will make their transition to their new homes easier for the pup and also your family!

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