Ladd is a male standard Poodle. He has a creamy white coat, covered with tight curls! He weighs around 60 lbs and is taller than Phayroe. Ladd’s temperament is loyal, sweet, and gentle. He is extremely good with kids, smart, and super calm.


Phayroe is my sweet female. She is a first generation, Irish Golden. She weighs around 50 lbs. Her beautiful dark red coat with blonde highlights is an attention stealer! Roe's temperament is very loving, cheerful, and energetic. She takes advantage of any free hand willing to pet her, but also won’t miss a chance to go for a long walk or play fetch. Roe is the happiest when she gets to do her homemade agility course :)


Saj is our up and coming first generation Irish Goldendoodle mama! She is our happy, easy-going girl who loves to join us on car rides, vacations, walks, or whatever the family is up to. Her chill and cheerful personality quickly wins over everyone she meets... not to mention her overwhelming cuteness:) Saj's hypoallergenic coat is a reddish brown color with lots of waves. She is a puppy from Phayroe and Ladd's 2020 winter litter and will be bred back to another poodle to get F1b Irish Goldendoodles, which are more allergen friendly. Saj's name means "wisdom" in Haitian Creole and our hope with Saj is that the profits from her pups can help support some of the Haitians we formerly worked with in Haiti!

Our past puppies